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Focus and Goals

Our Focus

At Children’s Aid College Prep, students will receive a solid academic foundation and have access to a variety of enrichment experiences that will challenge them and keep them excited about learning. The school will also feature a set of student and family supports to reinforce learning and eliminate barriers to success. Children’s Aid College Prep will feature the following:

  • the best instructional practices including opportunities for hands-on learning and exploration
  • school-wide and classroom-based community building to advance students’ physical, emotional, and social needs  
  • positive, supportive relationships between students, staff and parents
  • extended days and years to serve as a safe and engaging community hub
  • parent advisory groups to support planning of community school programs and services
  • life coaching services to help link families to community-based resources

Our Goals

The Children’s Aid College Prep Charter School aims to provide its students with the best possible start at education. To accomplish this task, we have developed a set of goals that include (click each goal to view a chart detailing implementation):