Beginning of school year update

Dear CACPCS Parents/Guardians:

Here it is; August already - where does summer go? I find myself thinking about our scholars often - how tall they must have grown, how many baby teeth they are missing, and who just might be sitting in the shade reading a book. Frankly, I cannot wait to see them. I do have some news for you about where I will see them.

As any of you who have been through a construction process know, completion dates are always estimates, and our new School building is no different. Our new date for taking possession of the new building at 1232 Southern Blvd. is October 10.

"But school begins in September. Where will my child go?" may be a thought on your mind. I have answers.

As we had hoped to be in our new building on the first planned day of school, our first day at our new site will be on October 10.

School will still begin as scheduled on September 7. Scholars will report as follows:

  • K-2 will be at 1744 Williamsbridge Rd., a familiar site to our rising 1st and 2nd graders.
  • 3-6 will be at Prospect Ave., a familiar site to all returning scholars.

On October 10, grades K-4 will move to our new building at 1232 Southern Blvd. and grades 5-6 will remain at 1919 Prospect Ave., which was our original plan.

We will be sending bus routes in the next two weeks and information about celebrating our second first day of School soon. (How many scholars get to have a first day celebration twice in one year?)

In an effort to ensure our staff has time to prepare our new location for the first day, scholars will have the day off on October 6. A revised calendar is attached.

I appreciate that these shifts may be a bit unnerving. I promise you that the result will be worth it.

As always, please feel free to contact us at 347-871-9002 for further questions.

Wherever I see them, I am so excited to greet you and our scholars for the 2017-18 school year.

In partnership,

Casey Vier, Principal