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Life Coaching

The goal of Life Coaching and Life Skills Class at Children's Aid College Prep Charter School is to provide students, staff and parents with the coordinated and whole-school supports needed to address key barriers to learning.

What is a Life Coach?

The Life Coach is the central staff member with a set of programmatic prevention, intervention and enrichment strategies designed to support holistic development of the Children's Aid College Prep scholars.


  • Life Coaches work under the direction of the Principal and Director of Student Support Services to counsel students, parents and their teaching colleagues.
  • Life Coaches plan and lead weekly Life Skills classes with all scholars using SECURe curriculum.
  • Life Coaches work with their Teacher-colleagues to identify and understand barriers to scholar learning and support teachers in effectively intervening.
  • Life Coaches help students set and achieve academic and non-academic goals.
  • Life Coaches ensure that each scholar has a set of achievable yearly goals and an action plan with input from the scholar, their teachers, and parents/guardians.

What is SECUREe?

SECURe is a school-wide program designed to build scholars' ability to: