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Professional And Committed Staff

The Children's Aid College Prep Charter School aims for 90% of staff being satisfied or very satisfied with the level of support received to positively impact student growth and achievement and 100% of staff report growth in 1 or more areas of their professional growth plan. This will lead to each staff member having an individual professional development plan and the Principal and Community School Director will have a plan for individual teacher support and school-wide professional development. Staff will be aware of the needs of all students and have a comprehensive plan for addressing those needs supported by strong cross-functional collaboration. Teacher practice and classroom environments will support a culture of efficacy and high expectations. Lastly, planning and instruction will be high-quality and drive strong student achievement, and staff will support ALL students and parents in meeting their goals.

Tools for Achievement

  • Weekly common planning
  • Weekly professional development sessions and study groups
  • Study of professional texts linked to pd plan and accountability for using
  • Peer observation
  • Staff team-building opportunities
  • Learning walks
  • School-wide pd plan creates opportunities to build all staff’s capacity to meet students’ needs and achieve school goals and outcomes
  • Staff develop individual pd plans in collaboration with principal and Community School Director