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Parents As Partners For Success

The Children's Aid College Prep Charter School aims for 85% of parents being satisfied or very satisfied with their child’s experience(s) in school, 75% of parents participate in 100% of the agreed upon parent engagement activities and 100% of parents complete a self-assessment, goals and action plan in support of their child’s  goals and action plan. This will lead to parents understanding the school’s vision, mission, values and parent expectations in support of education, and each parent will be connected with life coaching in addition to their classroom teacher to provide even richer connections between school and home. Parents will also achieve their goals set at the beginning of the year and seek support of school staff when needed.

Tools for Achievement

  • Parent orientation to school vision, mission, values, routines, rituals, policies/procedures and rewards and consequences
  • Developing parent workshop scope, sequence and curriculum
  • Staff and parents will attend sessions together; team-building, etc.
  • Parent/teacher conferences and reflection sessions
  • Parents and school develop a plan of action in support of each child that also outlines mutual expectations and contingencies if expectations are not being met