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Life Skills

The Children's Aid College Prep Charter School aims for 90% of student to show improved social and emotional behavior and awareness. Achieving this goal will help ensure that the child is developing behaviors, habits and skills necessary for academic and career success and will possess appropriate socio-emotional skills.

Tools for Achievement

  • Developing values-based behavioral rubric that assesses:
    • communication
    • pro-social behaviors
    • engagement in learning
    • physical and emotional awareness
  • Developing and implementing curriculum in support of these skills
  • Creating class time to teach these skills
  • Rules, routines and procedures of school reflect the values of school and create opportunities to practice life skills
  • Discipline code, policies and procedures linked to life skills; discipline code and life skills curriculum reinforce one another
  • Life skills curriculum includes teaching importance of wellness and healthy choices: sleep, limiting screen time, physical activity, nutrition
  • Goals and action plans that create opportunities to practice life skills