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Avoiding Risk

The Children's Aid College Prep Charter School aims for 100% of students to have goals and an action plan. Also, we would like 95% of our students to report feeling "safe" and "happy" in school, feel confident and hopeful about their futures and demonstrate good decision-making skills which will help them avoid high-risk behavioirs that could get them off track to college and career success in the long-term. Additionally, parents will understand and support the links between life skills sessions, behaviors and college aspirations, and children will rate high on self-esteem scales and exhibit high attendance rates with a low incidence of classroom disruptions, detentions and suspensions.

Tools for Achievement

  • Parent orientation and training around life skills goals and curriculum amd how to develop a curriculum at home
  • Life Coaches leadfamily life curriculum sessions supported by Community School Director and Carrera staff through Power Groups
  • 1:1 time with Life Coaches based on student need
  • Job Club
  • Conduct pre and post assessments
  • Preventative mental health support from licensed counselors and/or mental health practitioner available to provide individual and structured small group counseling services as needed
  • Each family will be provided with $50 to open child’s account for college savings
  • Implementation of parent financial literacy sessions and student job clubs